We’re a team of Developers and Accountants where we focus on bridging the gap between customers and business operations. We provide Point-of-Sale (POS) billing solution specifically developed for Restaurants.

Our main focus is to help you manage your business operations with ease.

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Manage Your Restaurant Operations with a Smile

“Get a Restaurant POS software which

  • simplifies your restaurant operations
  • focuses on the growth
  • Helps you in accounting and compliance”


Our speciality

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Lightening Speed
Our POS is blazing fast to help you manage your restaurant operations better.
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Digital Invoices
No more boring Black & White invoices. Introducing the first ever digital receipts send directly to the customers Whatsapp no.
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GST Compliance
We make sure you are in safe hands while navigating the complex GST Regulations.

A Simple and Intutive solution for

Billing, Monitoring Inventory and Expense Management

Manage business operations with a smile.

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Table Management
Our POS enhances  Table Management that uses this as a focal point for major analysis like ordered to served time of each items.
Access Control
Our POS gives complete access control to different users and restricts access depending upon the specification of work providing only relevant functionalities based on the  their work profile.
Frozen Cheese provides all new updates with regards  to  functionalities free of charge for restaurants upon the requirement of restaurants.
Multi Store access at one point
Our POS provides every details each store at one place where the Owner has the access control to view and keep tab of everything that happens each store.
Customer Management
Frozen Cheese focuses highly on Customer Management by projecting repeat customers and facilitating special customer specific discounts
Menu Control
Frozen Cheese gives restaurant complete control over the menu to add , edit, enhance them with catchy description and delete them.

Passionately combine Technology and Processes to solve Business problems. We provide Point-of-Sale (POS) billing solution specifically developed for Restaurants and Retail.

Frozen Cheese, Retail Management Solution Guide.

Other Industries We Serve

Point Of Sale can now be used in the following Industries.

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Retail Industry
Frozen Cheese POS software is actually designed to easily simplify the process of selling for retail, to make sure any trades completed faster.
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Frozen Cheese provides Hospitality POS Software for Restaurant, including Cloud Kitchen Management & Inventory Management Software .
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Account and Tax
Frozen Cheese offers you the POS for Sales Tax and Accounting made easy.

Our Happy Customers

Restaurant POS Billing software with Digital Invoice.

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Manually operated invoicing processes are unnecessarily complicated. Hard Copy of paper invoice must be processed as well as tested in hand. Every business deals with exactly the same problems Purpose of Digital Invoicing helps to save money and time without having to sacrifice quality.

  • Send Invoices directly to your Customers WhatsApp Number.
  • Faster Invoice Processing, 100 % Time Saving.
  • Go Paperless Process and Cost Cutting.
  • Get Instant Feedback from the Customers.

Fast and Simple Restaurant Inventory Management Software.

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Restaurant POS Billing Software with integrated Cloud based Inventory Management will helps keep tracking of inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries. The Benefits are:

  • Maintaining a balance between too much and too little inventory.
  • Manage different inventory locations like Wearhouse,Central Kitchen & Store.
  • Avoiding missing out on sales due to out-of-stock situations.
  • Cutting down hardware expenses.

Manage Online Orders from multiple online Food delivery portals

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POS with Integrated Online Orders from different online channels like Uber Eats, Zomato, Swiggy & Foodpanda etc.

  • Manage easy ordering process.
  • provides complete information of sales dashboard.
  • Monitor Customers interest and increase sales based on the Customer Data.
  • Branding through Online presence.

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